8. 5 Years of Indibni- साढ़े आठ, दाल बाटी चूरमा के साथ

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Hi folks, this is me, Indi, your friendly-neighborhood Indi. Pretty ‘Indie’ (pun intended) name right? Anyways, thanks, that’s what everybody calls me around here and I like it too. So here is another once-upon-a-time tale for you all to savor. Enjoy!  As the motivational speaker Michael Altshuler once [...]

8 to ∞ | Thoughts on Indibni’s Anniversary

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5.21 AM | March 20, 2020 सुप्रभात जनता! Indeed Anniversary, Birthdays are once in a year affairs which are not only to celebrate, but also to retrospect the very foundations. So, I thought to pen down a note about what i'm feeling; 8 years !!  औऱ मुझे तो अब भी ये कल की ही बात लगती [...]


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WOMEN WHO ARE A SOURCE OF INSPIRATION FOR ALL From being the simplest of all to one of the strongest of all, from being the one taking care of households and children to the one taking care of the whole nation, women have always stood up and inspired everyone with their bravery, sacrifice, loyalty, and whatnot. [...]


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Indibni is a family that eats together, works together and also celebrates together. We believe in celebrating festivals and creating memories with each other. Indibni is like a home for people working over here. We celebrate all festivals together, so, how can Christmas be left without cheer. We planned up a small Christmas party for all [...]


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Time flies like the wind, it’s like tomorrow we have started working together and today we have completed these successful saadhe saat saal. The journey of these years has a lot of moments and milestones that we have achieved. Starting from just an idea of doing something for our relations to now spreading love and bond [...]