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25 May – The last Saturday of May and the day for our monthly activity. It was evening; we all completed our work, packed our stuff and went to the garden to play. We were all excited to play those games which made us feel nostalgic and brought the flashback of our childhood memories. The first game which we were going to play was SATOLIYA. We decided our captains’- Vishrut and Akhil and they chose their team.

Now both the teams made their strategies and were ready to play. Everyone was at their best and was completely involved in the game of Satoliya which is about hitting a ball on satoliya (Pile of 7 stones), rearranging the satoliya and then saving yourself from the opponent throw. The game was enjoyed by everyone and our winner of the game was Team Vishrut.




Then we moved to our next game-TUG OF WAR. The captains made their strategies with the same team and then everyone took their positions holding the rope in all possible and different ways to make their team win. It comprised of three rounds, and as every round started all of them pulled the rope with all their strength and power. The game turned out to be a lot of fun with some people falling on the ground, others tying the rope on their waist while rest motivating their team. In the end, the score was 2-1 and team Akhil won.

After that, we all sat in a circle and there were some fun riddles been asked and all of us activated our brain cells to answer the questions. With the 10 riddles finishing our Monthly activity of May came to end. We all had samosa and kachori to satisfy our hunger. In the end, all our faces were filled with smiles and laughter and all of us felt those couple of hours were beautifully spent with amazing people.