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Indibni® is about communicating & celebrating the everyday spirit of India. With our mission of वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम i.e The world is one family, we engage people to communicate their bonds & relationships by creating and sharing, relevant content.


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Surbhi Sharma

❝  You people do everything in unique way, every work is purely a piece of art from heart. ❞

– Surbhi Sharma

Swapnil Indiann

❝ I have worked and and spend my 8 months in Indibni working as the marketing intern ….. and apart from the best working environment , I find the products to be quite innovative and original and it not only connects with the culture of India and for the ongoing youth but it also helps to live it by utilising the products as well. Best of luck for the coming years and wish you best future. ❞

– Swapnil Indiann

Ravika Singh

❝ Great concepts! Totally out-of-the-box thinking. Hats off to the creative team! ❞

– Ravika Singh

Bhupesh Talwar

❝ A place where you can find yourself ^_^ ❞

– Bhupesh Talwar

Abhishek Soni

❝ the first and recommended creative branding studio in Jaipur ❞

– Abhishek Soni

Himanshu Sharma

❝ Got to see your work through a friend. Wow. You have put your heart 🙂 ❞

– Himanshu Sharma

Pranjeet Kashyap

❝ When we gift something to somebody, we mean to express our thoughts and desires. Many sellers provide us materials and this is where Indibni makes an exception. They don’t just sell, they help express emotion. Presto and Archies crafts, Indibni does not. It just expresses raw. I am sure it will grow and in the near future, make its presence in every person’s heart. ❞

– Pranjeet Kashyap

Anuj Agrawal

❝ Probably the best products I have seen till date… Products which do not only look good but have a meaning attached to it and Its always best thing to gift feelings instead of a meaningless product. ❞

– Anuj Agrawal

Java Bachchan

❝  Thank you so much for making this piece of art, its beautiful & touched my heart. ❞

– Jaya Bachchan, Film Actress

Marc Bachet

❝  Its wonderful to see such creativity, you have made my India journey an unforgettable experience. ❞

– Marc Bachet, Oscar winner film maker


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