We are a Values | Vision | Mission driven organization,

fostering a Culture of वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम् , i.e., the world is one family.


Design Innovation

सर्वांगीण विकास

Holistic Growth


Self Reliant

भारत में निर्माण

Make In India

समाज का कल्याण

Giving Back

ज़िंदगी का गाड़ी, पांच पहिये वाली!


Personal-professional-people-passion are the four wheels of life, balanced by the Purpose (the steering) wheel.


The wheel that nurtures individuals by catering to their mental & physical health. 

Fostering a company culture where people can be transparent about their issues without any hesitation of being judged.


The wheel that interweaves and balances the right chord between work and life. 

Assisting individuals to equip themselves with innovative & evolving ways to address challenges and drive everyday life.


The wheel that drives the social needs of individuals.

Creating a culture where an employee’s societal responsibilities are attended and achievements are acknowledged.


The wheel that fuels an individual’s desire to connect and make an impact.

Promoting a workplace environment where activities and engagements discover and rekindle the passion and interests of individuals..


The steering wheel that drives an individual’s quest to find a purpose in life.

Providing support to employees to help them navigate the right direction that leads them to their destination.

OUR VISIONEnvisioning an empowered future.

A collective commitment towards making India a self-reliant nation, treating Innovation as a discipline which is done in accordance with individual, society, and environment.

OUR MISSION Striving for the vision of III.

We strive to be a strong voice for the motive: Vocal for Local.
We focus on empowering the community to accomplish more collectively.
We endeavor to build the leaders of tomorrow by enabling people to communicate.
We thrive to bring a holistic transformation in the lives of 100 million people in the next decade.

The Journey Forward

Perseverance, Persistence, and Ten Years of moving together to create value for others has pushed us to march forward with greater ambitions.


Focusing on the vision to create a holistic, broader ecosystem for all stakeholders. A canvas where people can come, collaborate, co-create, and co-exist with a mission to initiate impactful innovations.


Putting out community engagement fests, emphasizing forwarding Indian culture, uniting the entire Indibni family, collaborating with co-creators, and executing a grand experience.


Uplifting the society, empowering villages, women and necessitous communities is the aim. Connecting with locals to develop them and grow along with sustainable, ground-up initiatives.


We will be taking the catalyzing ingredient: motivation and sailing to reach the top of the heap. Growing spherically, increasing the digital footprints with newer projects, sliding into new territories, and reaching zillions of hearts is what we are aiming at.


We are moving this year! Indibni Head Office will be relocating to a more consolidated, facilitated space. Adding to the progress status, we will be incorporating Indibni EXIM with a state-of-the-art production unit, focusing on global growth.


Launching an R & D platform for skill up-gradation fellowship program, structured for students to get a pre-industrial insight and hands-on experience of the real business world.