Revolutionary changes are often made with accumulative, enterprising actions

Indibni® Foundation is a social impact platform, working extensively towards creating on-ground footprints by taking inspiring and result-driven CSR initiatives for the betterment of people, society, and the environment.

Registered as a Non-Profit National Trust, the Society was set up in 2019 with an intention to foster communities & create on-ground footprints by taking result-driven CSR initiatives. The foundation has collaborated with various NGOs & SHGs in India, for skill up-gradation and employment generation. In collaboration with our partners in social causes, we have impacted nearly 5M+ lives across the globe.


Uplifting the humanitarian, societal, and environmental arenas.

Health & Wellness

Relationships & Communication

Skill Development & Empowerment

Environment & Animals


Socially conscious actions creating positive footprints.

Pehla Sukh - India Wellness Initiative

Sow a Seed Rakhi (2019)

Ek Chitti maa ke naam (2019)

Apni Jagah - Supporting Underprivileged kids (2014)


Records of the platform giving wings to someone’s dreams.


The beautiful world of tomorrow is rooted in human values and today’s sustainable efforts
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Lives Touched
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Women Employed
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Farmers Empowered
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Seeds Sown on Earth
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People Benefited