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A multimedia blog, communicating the stories and learnings of creators, executors, and transformers with our founder and taking the vision of “Baat karenge toh baat banegi” to the world.

Indibaat is conjured to play the key role of communication by hearing the stories and ideologies, thereby valuing social communities, family members, and relations. We are so imbibed in the virtual age of communication that we often forget to talk to people one to one. Hence, we bring you stories, tales, dialogues, talks, and narratives coming directly from the hearts of the Indian people. Stories of their passions, secret ambitions, love, grandmother’s traditional recipes, their parenthood, life journey of growing up with siblings. It is collective to initiate the lost, one-to-one verbal conversations, human interactions, and the nostalgia brought by those memories, making their bonds stronger and more special.

आओ हम इन खूबसूरत पलो को एक याद की तरह नहीं बल्कि इनके महत्व्व और मीठी कहानियो के साथ पहचान दें |

I urge all of you to come and talk about our stories…

वो कहते है ना, बात करेंगे तो बात बनेगी…


Mending the world with stories, one conversation at a time.

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