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Pandemic to Prosperity – 9 years of Indibni

A story has no beginning or end: arbitrarily one chooses that moment of experience from which to look back or from which to look ahead. And for Indibni that day is marked by the 20th of March, since 2012. The day when it all started, the day we look back to and celebrate. After all, a company is a concept and it is the people who represent a company and brings it to life.   

This beautiful part of the story is called Indifest. 

Here is an excerpt from the ninth anniversary of Indibni. The story in the voice of our CEO & storyteller – Nitin Jain

कहते है दुख बांटने से आधे हो जाते है और खुशियां चौगुनी।

And no doubt, the pandemic pushed the economy to the worst-ever contraction but it also gave most of us time to retrospect. It brought us together, stronger, and made us realize how similar and vulnerable we are as a human race. 

While learning lessons that made us push through harder, we achieved many feats that we are proud of and would like to share with you.

We launched campaigns like – Ye Diwali Main Se Hum Wali, Ek Office Ghar Jaisa and produced more than 40k+ masks for doing our part in battling the pandemic. Won India’s Best Design Award 2020 and Outstanding Performance in Emerging Online Startup Business By EAR. With a collection of 25k+ indigenous products in the catalogue, Indigifts® touched the benchmark of receiving 10k+ orders in a day.

Amid pandemic, beyond our business activities, we focused on the holistic health of individuals. More than 25k people benefitted through Pehla Sukh® – India Wellness Movement webinars conducted in collaboration with the health Industry experts on various subjects under our CSR vertical – Indifamily® Foundation. From the honorable Chief Minister & Health Minister of Rajasthan to Business leaders and Health experts, this initiative is well received. We have also partnered with NGOs on the wellness of the underprivileged, stray animals, and the environment. 

The list may not end but neither did our enthusiasm, the endless grit, support, and contribution of people at Indibni in making what Indibni is today. Together, this is the story of our organization’s growth, our fearless efforts, and crisis management.

And do you know how we kick-started the celebration?  

To celebrate this 9-year mark of our journey, we organized our anniversary meet among our team members to express our gratitude while also making it a truly fun and memorable day. Our Anniversary day March 20 is also being celebrated as International Day of Happiness.

Indeed it was a day full of team-building activities, dance, music, fun, and delicious cuisines. Here is a small glimpse of what we got up to.

Did you watch the complete video? Isn’t it amazing to witness the evident happiness and spark in everyone’s eyes? The moments that turned into beautiful memories and which will be cherished forever by those who have been a part of this journey. 

The story does not end here. We designed a beautiful second edition of our annual newsletter summarising the dips and tips we had, the milestones we touched, the collection we launched, and why we call Indibni, Ek Office Ghar Jesa. Check it out below.


At Indibni, we encourage social, moral, spiritual, and passion-oriented growth along with the professional growth of an Individual. As we continue to soar to greater heights, we are confident to manifest more and more shared goals. We are blessed to have you as a part of our Indifamily.

We salute each and every one of you who stood the tides of the pandemic with us together and came out stronger. 

Join our family –
बात करते रहिये, आगे बढ़ते रहिये!



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