The ‘human aspect’ comes at the core of Indibni’s spectrum. We strive to create a space with which people identify themselves. The endeavor has always been to build up an environment where a feeling of togetherness along with a sense of individualism resides.

Indibni Work Space is inviting, comfortable, and feels all ‘Ghar Jaisa’. A place where you can belong, where you feel acknowledged and included. It is, in all true sense, a “home away from home”, from where you want to arrive and never wanna depart.

We have already disowned cubicles! 
The No-Desk Culture maximises chance encounters and opens the lane of interactions. Our people are ever-present! 

A Reading Station to immerse yourself in the stacks of books from varied writers and all sorts of genres. 
The readers out there can imagine themselves in this spot! 

A Studio Space to shoot and chill out. 
Can you hear our DoP calling out Lights, Camera, Action? 

Then there’s our Indibni Cafe, where Masterchef Gangaramji’s exactly ghar jaisa food which the entire family enjoys together at the lunch table. Oh, and how can we not talk about the exciting Food Challenges, organized every month and our interactive lunchtimes. 



What do we offer?
“Things you need to work it all up!”
Open, Creative, Ownership-Driven Work Environment
Hands-On Experience of Entrepreneurship
Freedom to Convert Ideas into Execution
Chance to go up faster on your Career Ladder
Extensive Skill Upgradation & Training


What does our family have to say about us?
“5 years at Indibni have been my years of solid growth. From a Product Designer to the head of the department today, it’s been possible because of two things: sheer willingness to learn and support from the company. The positive push to expand, not just professionally but in the area of passion, is what you get at Indibni. Moreover, it is all about taking responsibility, grabbing opportunities, and creating your own path. I believe that’s the way you lead and grow in your life.”
Akhilesh PanwarDirector - R&D
“When a job feels less like professional work and more like a hobby, then you must know that you are at the right place. Working here for the past 1.5 years, now I can say that I have become a professional hobbyist and the only reason behind this is the flexibility and support the company has given to me. I came here to support the mission, and I am staying here for people and Indibni’s amazing work culture.”
Alok Bhardwaj, GM - Procurement
“It’s been more than two years at Indibni, but the feeling of coming to the office every day and working is still fresh and the reason is the challenges, the opportunities you get to work on are new every day. No matter what field you have come here into, you get ample chances to explore new arenas. I came as a storyteller and here I am, having the taste of photography, videography, graphic designing. Moreover, the homely environment and supportive people make each moment the time of your life.”
Pratiksha PareekManager - Multimedia

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