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Indibni & Seed Rakhi – The Revolutions

An Indigenous design company, Indibni with the aim to represent at the world stage work for India via innovation that benefits individuals, established the Indibni Foundation with the core beliefs of promoting Indianism in everyone’s heart and aiding the world for a better kal. Be it initiatives or campaigns for the ‘behatari’ of our environment or people’s lives, Indibni has always come with revolutionary ideas. Seed Rakhi is one such venture.

बचपन में हमने लगाए थे कुछ पेड़ आज उसी की छाया है,

कल हम रहें न रहें पर ये पेड़ रहेंगे यही प्रकृति की माया है।”



Nitin Jain, the Founder & CEO of Indibni Pvt Ltd, Jaipur, began the Seed Rakhi journey in 2018 as a big push to create sustainable and plantable rakhis. Because synthetic, plastic-made rakhis are commonly worn during Raksha Bandhan, the founder recognized the need for an alternative, and so the Seed Rakhi concept was born.

Founder’s Anmol Vachan

As the founder himself said “Seed Rakhi is not just another campaign for us, it’s a tribute to our Mother Earth, to our environment. A campaign through which we don’t want to talk about making a change, however, we look forward to making one!”

Impacts Seed Rakhi Created

Not only just bringing sustainable environment awareness to people, but the initiatives by Seed Rakhi also have been creating life-shaping changes. Some of the statistics proudly achieved by Seed Rakhi are mentioned below:
Also, some of the major campaigns held by Seed Rakhi are mentioned below – 

#SowASeedRakhi 2019

The campaign’s goal was to commemorate our warriors and police officers by tying Seed Rakhis. Under the campaign, a 1500-kilometer trek from Jaipur to the Wagah Border was undertaken to raise awareness about sustainability.

#PledgetoProtect 2020

Seed Rakhi initiated a campaign to conserve nature as a sister and to proudly appreciate our nation’s gallant soldiers. Online seminars were held with youngsters to teach them about sustainability.

#BeejBoteHai 2021

On Raksha Bandhan, Seed Rakhi encouraged over a million individuals to plant an indigenous seed of love and caring. Also, a clip was made to encourage people to plant seeds and participate in eco-friendly events.

#KareinRishteyRecycle 2022

It was an effort made on Raksha Bandhan that focuses on the idea of giving relationships a second opportunity with Seed Rakhi, a tie that embraces the sibling link and nourishes nature to restore it to its beautiful shape.


So these are a glimpse of Seed Rakhi’s world – full of ‘punya karma’. With our team behind it who’s spreading the sustainability campaign awareness, we are visioning to expand this jagrukta abhiyaan to every nook and corner of the world. 


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