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It’s all about the People


Marking 9.5 years of #celebrating people #celebrating stories

On Sep 20, 2021, Indibni scored 9.5 rocking years into the scape of rediscovering the spirit of togetherness. Okay, we know what you are thinking and before you say, yes it’s a little late. We have already started to drive on the pathway to mark our 10th, but we couldn’t control it. So here we are, beating the drums and drawing the curtains to share with you all the “explicit content” of our GRAND DAY ka GRAND celebration. Waise bhi humare bade kehte hai, “der aaye durust aaye”, toh late hi sahi, let’s roll the tape now! 

It all started in सन् 2012….uhh why does nostalgia always ping in between? Magar, yaadein, baatein, yahi toh hai Indibni ka besh kimti khazana. Even for our 9.5 anniversary, when we imagined the hall to be full of people, humne socha “badal hai, benefit kar sakte hai”. So, with sheer passion, our team of enthu-cutlets hopped on the train of contemplating ideas. Humne thoda joda, ghataya, gunakar kiya, phir bhagakar kiya aur aakhir mein haazir huye lekar: “SHAM-E-FURSAT”, ek mahotsav ki sham, dedicated to the janta-janardan of our establishment. Cuz we are because they are- our people, our sailors, our building blocks. Arey, ye emotional track kahe khatam nahi hoti! It always peeps in! Anyway, hum nikal pade apna jhola leke, Indibni ke ‘avishvasniya’ sade nau saal ko capture karne, kuch quisse banane, kuch quisse sunane! 

Shared some fursat ke pal with our favorite pals!

The energy at Indibni has always been like a bonfire that brings people together. Yakeen nahi hota? Khudh hi dekh lijiye. 

Sath khelo, sath badho! 

Always high on enthusiasm, we never miss a chance to dive into fun-filled, soul-fueling activities and games. Waise haar jeet toh khel ka hissa hai…Arey leave that, we are always for ‘sab khelo sab jeeto’! 

A family that eats together….

We take food seriously, really. We can literally take a loaf of bread, do some make shifting and make five different dishes out of it. No kidding, aisi hi we aren’t called multitaskers. Anyway, we still have the taste of kulcha paneeeer dominating our palate.  

….well, it dances together, aur kya! 

At first, we are shy but once the DJ plays Bolo Tara Rara, we get into a trance, and then what the world sees is just us and our savage grooves. Ek Jhalak aap bhi dekh lo. 

Lights! Camera! Wait…Script toh yaad hai na? 

Full-on action captured when our adakaars skit-performed and made everyone go all out with a hard laugh! Kamaal hi kar ditta! 

The Dynamo’s Dynamic Speech~ Aim high, Achieve higher

The boisterous event had a powerful climax, when the visionary pulled out his magic wand, invigorating us all with his inspiring words that made us inclined to take our motto of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ to its zenith. To carry forward with dignity, Indibni’s philosophy of self-discovery, attained with a sense of togetherness. 

A part of the ride that made our day was knowing what’s forthcoming at the House of Indibni. It was hard to not get all excited when he talked to us about:

  • the making of Indibni’s official music video, titling- From Jaipur to the World
  • wellness programs associated with members and their families
  • venturing into more sustainable initiatives impacts lives and the environment on a larger scale
  • magnificently celebrating our 10th anniversary as ‘Indifestival’ on March the 20th, 2022 

And a lot, lot more unexpected & unimagined things are on the record. We guess, Indibni is all set to take us all on an action-packed flight of amazement and we cannot wait! 

A really dope version of Indibni is emerging!

10 ki Dastak, Jald hi

Indibni is a space made for the people, by the people. Ergo, it is a never-ending project. Sade nau saal pehle, when we planted a simple seed of uniting people under ek kutumb, we envisioned this day and here we have it, an ever-blooming parivaar of 1+ million sadasya, all having a time of their lives, together! 

Magar abhi toh humne mehez pankh failaye hai, asal udaan toh abhi baki hai.

Abhi udne ko poora aasmaan baki hai. 

We have already voyaged towards creating something bigger and better that will soon be coming to you when we’ll be marking our 10th year anniversary. Trust you us, we are seeing it from right here. It’s going to be legendary in all ways possible. Ye super se bhi upar hone wala hai! 

So fam, the House of Indibni is on for a blasting future, preparing for the day when we will be hitting our 10th. Are you?



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