Indibni | इंडिबनी

A leading indigenous corporation, scripting an innovative future carrying deep-rooted human values with the leaders of tomorrow.

Sometimes one person places a dot and people chip-in to connect their dots with it and that’s when a circle is drawn. This is how Indibni was born, when the founder: Nitin Jain put forth his idea of revolutionizing everyday design, creating a brand that is India-rooted, and taking it from India to the World.

The Indibni Group

The three I’s in Indibni stand for our commitment to making India a self-reliant nation by combining the pursuit of Innovation at a local scale and impacting the Individuals at the global scale. Indibni has built a 5C function model: Content – Commerce – Community – Cultivation – Celebration in the work system of a 3S landscape: Studio – Store – Society.

In the span of 10 years, the innovative venture has reached 99 percent of the Indian pin codes and started penetrating the International markets. Headquartered in Jaipur, Indibni has, to date, employed 200+ people directly and nearly 2000+ indirectly and impacted millions, while remaining rooted, and building a culture that nurtures ideas & individuals.

Growing through Innovation, Compassion, and Gratitude.

A Holistic Ecosystem

A spherical intersection of culture & commerce



A global standard design studio with R&D and Production Facility spread over 14000 sq ft in the heart of Rajasthan – Jaipur IN.  A community of 250+ makers is working to give shape to their ideas in an infrastructure holding the capacity of producing 1000+ units a day. As the biggest maker of Indigenous Gifts, we have produced over 10,000+ unique designs and have a collection of nearly 35,000+ SKUs.



Recognized as India’s biggest Indigenous gifting brand, Indigifts caters to Omni channel with Global Footprints. We collaborate with brands from multiple sectors as their merchandising partner and are the quirkiest gifting partner to our customers. We’ve together set a benchmark of processing 10,000 units in a day and have produced and delivered approximately 2M+ units since 2017.



Registered as a Non-Profit National Trust, the Society was set up in 2019 with an intention to foster communities & create on-ground footprints by taking result-driven CSR initiatives. The foundation has collaborated with various NGOs & SHGs in India, for skill up-gradation and employment generation. In collaboration with our partners in social causes, we have impacted nearly 5M+ lives across the globe.

A Decade Down the Line

Since its inception, the company has well-served the vision of impacting individuals with innovation and taking Indian culture across the border. Over the years, the Indibni tree has molded & strengthened the roots of its origin, shaping and reshaping its core business around the idea of:

Creating immense value for future generations
Making the transformation that leads to the upliftment of global society
Mending the world with stories conveyed via thoughtful gifting & communication
Assuring the vertical and horizontal augmentation of the Indi brands’ architecture
Ergo, successfully expanding spherically!

Celebrating 10 Years of Uniting PeopleEK DASHAK KA SAFAR