Disclaimer: यहां पर प्रस्‍तुत की गई सारी कहानियां सच्ची घटनाओं पर आधारित है।

Embracing, appreciating, and reliving the moments of love.

A family-focused community and content platform, where the mascots of Indi, his family, and Guruji, along with the community of creators, enable and engage the millennial generation to express and evolve.

IndiFamily is a digital content creation platform showcasing real-time stories of Indian households with a touch of love and humor. It is a space that aims to pitch and encourage millennials to initiate conversations and interactions, connect with their roots, value their relationships, and make their bonds stronger and special.

आसान भाषा में, परिवार से जोड़ती कड़ियाँ, कुछ किस्से, और कहानियां।

Appreciating ghar ka pyaar, the little beautiful nuances a little more with the largest collection of relatable & entertaining comics, conversation, blogs, podcasts, and memes, the platform revolves around Indi ki Family, which basically resonates with India ke ghar ghar ki kahani. Family-oriented stories and tales shared via our family of mascots that’s got Dadaji jo bataye qisse-kahaniyon ka saar aur Dadiji jinke paas hai nuskhe aur nasihaton ka bhandar, Mummy jo hai kitchen expert aur Papa jinke paas hai knowledge beshumaar, Indi aur Choti ki nauk-jhok aur Bini ki shopping dilaye Indi ko shock, Paltu is the happiness carrier aur IndiGuruji hai life savior. 

Meet Indi Ki Family

A millennial’s take on the #everyday life, the routines and rituals.

Inspired from and dedicated to Indian households, IndiFamily is a creative drive that aptly captures and shares anecdotes surrounding family members, relations, community, culture, and traditions, and in a way righteously brings into sight and conveys the values and virtues of humble living & higher thinking.