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A Trip to Rishikesh | Indibni

A Trip to Remember !

The best trips are those which leave a lifelong impact on you even after it is over. Rishikesh trip is one of our most cherished trips for many reasons. We went there as an organization celebrating its six years anniversary and returned as a family, “Indifamily”. We reached there on the morning of 25th February 2018 after a night full of fun and frolic in the bus, a bright sun and chilly winds welcomed us as we boarded our tempos. The air had this huge boost of freshness, it just felt right to be there. After an hour of more travelling, we finally reached our camp site, which at first site took our breath away!

Situated on the banks of river Ganga, this beautiful camp site was all we needed, this was our stay for the coming two days. We could walk up to the river and sit on the handmade bridge by the locals and just bask in the glory of the pure chilling water gushing between our toes. Washing away all our woes and tensions, such was, the magic! After having a sumptuous brunch provided by the camp, we headed to cross our first on our bucket list, “River Rafting”. We reached Shivpuri which was about fifteen kilometers from our camp, we were introduced to our highly enthusiastic guides, and they gave us basic instructions and introduced us to the basics of rafting. Never in our wildest of the dreams we imagined what was to come would be a life changing experience! We boarded the rafts well equipped and secured by the quite overwhelming life jackets. At first, it was pretty tricky to get a hold of the rowing technique, but after a few minutes of hits and trials, everyone got the knack of it. The first splashes of cold water on to our faces was the beginning of this amazing adventure we were about to endure! As soon as we hit our first rapid, we were screaming on to the top of our voices, letting out all our inhibitions. While simultaneously rowing in one direction, quite made us realize that if in adversities we are a team, nothing can overcome us! Many rapids later we took a halt for a refreshing treat of a hot plate of Maggie and a cup of warm tea at “Maggie Point”. One by one we got ready to push our limits by jumping off a cliff which was placed at about twenty ft. of height, landed you straight in the deep river.


At first a bit reluctant, everyone gathered their guts and jumped overcoming their fears. Once this was over, we all had this beautiful spark in our eyes, it was the belief that we could achieve anything if were determined enough to do it. We boarded our rafts back, and continued to finish our journey, we were given a chance to float in the middle of the river, letting our bodies free in the midst of cold chilling water surrounded by these mountains under the beautiful blue sky, and it was surreal! After finishing the rapids , where in our rafts were thrown in midair and then splashing back in the river , we were about to finish our journey , the speed started to slow down , things started to settle, we were approaching the Ghats , the evening prayers begun and the sun stared to set. This was one the most beautiful and peaceful moments of the trip. We were all calm and just patiently got out of the rafts on to the Ghats despite the fact we were all drenched in cold freezing water. We headed back to our camp, changed and the night transformed into an antakshari battle by the side of a bonfire! We all laughed, danced, sang the night away followed by a warm welcoming dinner provide by the camp, lastly returned to our tents tucked ourselves in our beds and snored the night away.

Little did we know, the coming morning would be spent trekking, sweating, and challenging ourselves with each step to reach a waterfall on the top near our camp site. Exhausting, but definitely a memorable activity! This was followed by a much needed lunch and we packed again bid our adieus and headed to ”Har ki Paurii” in Haridwar, witnessing the “Ganga Arti” with all its richness and rustic splendor, our hearts felt elated ! This trip brought us all a little more together as a team. We boarded our bus and headed back to Jaipur, merging back in our natural habitat called “Indibni”.

Shruti Chhibber
Designer, Indibni



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