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It was time to get some self-motivation. So, Indibni invited ADI GURU DAS a communication coach, who is also a great motivational speaker. With him, we welcomed retired Major General CP SINGH.

When everyone gathered in the hall, the session started by introducing Adi Guru Das, who continued the session by introducing us with a difference between a trainer and coach. His first topic was about the aspects of Emotional Intelligence in which he talked about self-awareness, empathy, motivating oneself, their self-esteem and others. He also talked about a lot of other things like Non-Judgmental Attitude where the flexibility of acceptability and letting go is a great form of Non-Judgmental Attitude.

Later, Adi Guru Das talked about the steps to change the subconscious mind. In this, he explained the four steps i.e. repetition, journaling, creative way of thinking and triggering emotions. With this, he did a small activity where we could truly find out our true values.

Next, he talked about the IKIGAI Principles, where he talked about the four satisfaction criterias: Vocation, Profession, Passion and Mission followed by self-coaching where he did a small activity, through which you can coach yourself for any problem you are facing anytime and how you can come up with innovative solutions and expected outcomes. It started from the expected outcome of the person, what are the obstacles coming on their ways, what are the resources and the strengths available to the person according to the expected outcome, then the person itself has to find out their innovative solution and later to fulfill it the one has to give smart actions. He also shared some book names: Stephen Covey’s The 7 habbit of highly effective people and Good to Great by Jim Collins.

He finished the talk session with a few questions from which we can consciously find out what we are doing is right for oneself and others. And it ended up by honoring both with Indibni memento as a token of gratitude.

Later, as the lunch got delayed, office peeps started talking about the session as they all were excited to know more about Adi Guru Das and how they can work on themselves. Everyone was gushing over this hot topic of the day and as soon as the session finished everybody jumped over the food and you can find people licking their fingers at the end because the more you are hunger the more it motivates you to have food according to the Maslow theory.



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