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Indibni is a family that eats together, works together and also celebrates together. We believe in celebrating festivals and creating memories with each other. Indibni is like a home for people working over here. We celebrate all festivals together, so, how can Christmas be left without cheer.

We planned up a small Christmas party for all Indibni teams. We thought of becoming Secret Santa for each other. Nobody had an idea who their Secret Santa was. Santa gets our wish list of what we want and gives us something from it. Similarly, the team had to get a gift, which the person wants or loves. This was so fun to initiate for secretly finding out what one wants. This was not only a part of the Christmas party, but it helped everyone to know each other a bit more.

On 25th December, a secret big box was placed in the office premises for keeping their gifts secretly into it so that no one could know who gifted whom. Though the secret was about to open up in some hours. The office was decorated with red and white color balloons and cute stuffs and how can we forget a Christmas tree. A cute and creative tree was made from ‘muddas’. And yes, people wore red and white for a perfect Christmas feel.

Everyone had a curiosity, of seeing what their gift will be. Everyone gathered at a place, and finally the time arrived for opening up the gifts. All the gifts were placed on a table and everyone was invited to come and guess what can be there in the gift. After opening up the gift, everyone had different reactions. The reactions were like, Ohhh… that’s cute, Yeh kaha mila, Tujhe kese pta chala!!!. The interesting thing was to guess who had given the gift in just three guesses. Many of them were able to guess it right. All were happy and excited after the gifts.

And wait the party doesn’t end here….

We decided to have a Bollywood tadka to the party. So the first game was “Dhaai kilo ka haath”. In this game, a small arm wrestling match was done between set of two employees on the basis of random chits. It was so fun to watch everyone playing their tricks for winning it and getting the title of “Dhaai kilo ka haath”.

Another game was planned up, which has a super Bollywood touch. We have a lot of self- claimed singers in our team (If you know what I mean). This game was especially for them to showcase their talent. The indibni team was divided into four teams and the game was to pick a chit from the bowl, the chits had a word written on it and the teams had to sing a song which has the word in it. We got many more singers from this game. Well, that was funny to watch everyone trying to get the right note.

And how can a party end without dance! Everyone danced to the fullest.


The day ended up with a smile on everyone’s face and yesss gifts too…!

The team wishes you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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