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Mohit and Paridhi’sChaat corner!

Sometimes assumptions and expectations are outshined by the will and wit. Mohit and Paridhi stand true to this, they were extraordinary in their master chef challenge! The task given to these two “underdogs” was Cholekulche served with aloo tikki, curd and chutney! This was followed by the showstopper fruit cream!

Chirpy Paridhi and inquisitive Mohit were quite a combination! While it seemed like a chaos in the kitchen but they had it quite figured out in their heads!

The roundness of the tikki’s could give any major “tikkiwala” of your area a run for his money!

Choleturnedout so good that when they were in the process of cooking it,one could smell its aroma, it was all over the place! The USP definitely had to be the presentation, in this task if anyone had paid major heed to presentation, it has to be these two! It was a clean smooth affair.

People just were in awe of the complete spread, kulche alongside chole accompanied with tikki, fresh coriander chutney and curd! It was pure bliss.

Even if everyone was literally bursting with food in their stomachs after the sumptuous meal, they made just enough space for the mighty fruit cream, which was as good as it could be! The following is the recipe of the iconic fruit cream for you guys to read and hopefully implement! 

Take a container. Pour amul cream in that container, then mix mashed bananas in it. Now mix vanilla ice cream in that mixture with some sugar powder and milk. Now mix the chopped fruits (apple, banana, grapes, pomegranate, mango, etc.)  In the cream.  Now freeze it. And serve chilled fruit cream.


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