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Childhood used to be so good, no worries, no problems, no deadlines, no target. You used to live it so freely and enjoy every moment of your life.

Here is a list of 20 such things of your childhood which will make you feel nostalgic and would leave a smile on your face:


20. Remember the reason behind your shining shoes?

19. How can you forget these stickers on your notebooks?


18. Crazy memories with these games.



17. This used to be the best gaming thing.



16. The punishment of making you sit next to a girl in school.



15. Owning these was a privilege.



14. You used to trade it.



13. After playing the tape, you knew how to get it fixed.

12. The pen wala eraser.



11. Every evening sitting in front of the T.V. to watch your favorite shows.



10. The 90s tattoo.



9. These games were allowed only after the homework was completed.



8. You had one of these “always stuck” machine.



7. Remember collecting and playing with these cards.



6. Exam Board, moreover cheating source, the first bat of yours too!


5. Remember these charts for your project works.



4. How can you forget your favorite cartoon shows!



3. Asking your friends for filling your slam book.



2. Do you remember the memories of birthday?



 1. You asking from the terrace, “ab sahi hai?”



This children’s day, let your inner child relive again!!!

Comment your favorite childhood memories in the below comment box.




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