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Time flies like the wind, it’s like tomorrow we have started working together and today we have completed these successful saadhe saat saal.

The journey of these years has a lot of moments and milestones that we have achieved. Starting from just an idea of doing something for our relations to now spreading love and bond for everyone. We can’t believe that after all the ups and downs, we have survived and are together heading towards completing our dream. Starting from a team of just 5 people and now having a family of 50+ members, we believe that ideas are no one’s monopoly, but an effective team is the only factor that can turn your dream into reality. We are proud and thankful to our creative teams of unique individuals.

Nitin Jain, Co-founder, Indibni said,

“This has been an incredible journey, we have experienced a lot and supported each other at every stage, every moment. Every member who has been a part of this journey, feels the warmth and belongingness towards the company. We have been walking and experiencing, but now we are all set for flying high…”

We started up from the capital of Rajasthan- Jaipur, with the culture of hospitality and serving in our blood with the tagline of PADHARO MAARE DESH! So on this occasion of ours, how can we forget our traditional style of welcoming and serving the food. If there is something, that defines the culture and reminds you of the soil of Rajasthan, it is undoubtedly, the classic ghee loaded baati, served with the flavor of Rajasthani daal and how can you forget that delicious churma loaded with all dry fruits!

And wait, wait it’s not over yet, there was something moreeee than this treat!!!!

So finally, a traditional lunch was planned to have the flavors of our very favorite daal, baati, churma. The office premises were having the smell of the delicious lunch making, and no one could resist themselves for having it.

After all the waiting, and those empty stomachs calling for the food, we were all set for the desi, traditional lunch time. The mouth-watering daal, baati, churma complemented with masala baati, and mirchi ke tipore.  And yes, those yummy koftes served with green chutney. Oh! that was just a perfect meal for the day.

And it was not over yet, any meal is incomplete with the desi flavored chaach, loaded with jeera and pudina.

After this yummy lunch treat, it was time for the compulsory part of the celebration- The Photographs!

And here everyone adjusted in the frame, and said DBC and clicked!

And one more added to the memories.

Ankit Jain, Co-founder, Indibni, said

“We want to reach 100 crores… not in terms of sales… not in terms of dollars…  but in reaching 100 crore hearts of the people, and we have been doing the same and will be doing in the next upcoming years.”


Before you think, it’s all very impressive, let me tell you – this is just 1/10th of what we want to achieve.

Hope you also enjoy watching our lunch treat as much as we enjoyed eating it! ?



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