7+ Activities that Indifamily did during lockdown to make WORK FROM HOME Interesting.

We are all Paranoid from this social distancing, but what is the treatment, this pandemic has brought us to this level where we are beyond our suns and society but wait, there is a solution; using communications technology like instant messaging or video conferencing we can bridge the gap and staying in touch with your loved ones on video calls is a great way to stay in touch. Seeing each other’s smiles while doing fun activities from any distance can also be savory. Here are some amazing fun activities INDIBNI has done to make morning stand-ups zestful.

Singing Karaoke

Who gets tired of singing, 

That’s how we started our very first morning stand up with singing a song and you will not believe how much fun it is to start anything with a song. One of the greatest benefits of singing karaoke is the amount of stress it releases, our first activity drove people out from the pressure of staying at home, and within a short time, they forgot that they are on call, away from each other. Since singing usually makes people happy, the level of stress in our body automatically decreases” The song we chose to sing was, “Ek Din Bik Jaayega Mati Ke Mol” and singing this song together made our brain relaxed, consequently singing can be a brilliantly effective mood buster in lockdown.

Fun with Gaming

They’re a lot of visual games and we almost played all kinds of games, so whenever you want someone to wake; go with games. 

We tried guessing games, riddles, memory games, and jokes for entertainment. Guessing games increases your thinking capacity, while riddle games can engage people by natural problem-solving, and when people feel paranoid entertain them with a joke. Jokes charmed us and kept us happy in this tough time.
Some games which we tried– Guess the famous personality, Name the film, Listen up the tune and sing the song, Health care, Naming the celebrity, Riddles of all types, Memory games.

Cook together and dine together

Earlier, we all used to eat lunch together and due to lockdown, we had not eaten together for the last 2 months. 

“Social distancing practices changed people’s life drastically all across the country”, but eating and cooking with your loved ones on video calls helped us to boost up the power again. 

One Sunday, afternoon we decided to dine together. Everyone tried new dishes, Italian, South Indian, all the flavors were added to that video call, it became a healthy challenge. The taste of food increased twice when we sat down and ate together after 2 months.

Complete the story game

“Everyone is fond of stories, It keeps them entertained” 

In this game, we pass on a line and people build a story one by one. The organizer plots a story and one by one everyone has to continue the storyline. 

It’s the perfect way to make a story less one-sided pursuit. It helped with entertaining people by flexing their storytelling skills. This game is interesting due to twists and turns, anyone can convert a funny story into sad and even an emotional story can become a romantic one.

Selfie Contest

We all love taking selfies, so we converted selfie addiction into a selfie game. 

In this game people took selfies with different themes or locations, the best picture or person with minimum time of submission won the game. 

The topics of selfies were:

  • Selfie with vehicle
  • Selfie with a fruit
  • Selfie with the opposite gender
  • Selfie with a funny face
  • Selfie with your home.

And this activity added immense fun and engagement in people.

Quiz, Extempore, and Debates

Some people like to test their knowledge and some wish to increase knowledge by exploring new skills.

Quizzes can redefine knowledge in significant ways:

  • Interactive platform
  • The huge scope of learning
  • Encourages teamwork

Our team tried organizing a quiz by dividing people into teams and each team has to answer on their turns. We also tried Extempore, by giving a funny topic to everyone, A speech without preparation is an interesting thing to listen to. It helps you to think on your feet and develop a presence of mind. If your brain processes things fast you can win this game.

Introduce Yourself

We tried an exercise asking people to make a “1-minute introduction video on yourself in a creative way.” 

They can choose any topic; hobbies, interests, likes or dislikes, anything. The team had given amazing inputs and the game was fun loaded. 

Below is the output of the winner and two runner ups.




Remote-work might be something new for a lot of people, but new circumstances can always bring new opportunities. These seven activities are just a small fraction of the hundreds of possible meeting games you can do,

Indibni always puts new amazing fun in daily working, come join us. 

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