It was the same day as usual, started at the same pace with a sprinkle of beautiful wishes making all the ladies feel special as it was International Women’s Day but the ladies say ‘every day is our day’ with a wink.  The ethos of Indifamily is to celebrate every small moment grabbing all the happy moments and this is one of the best culture of this small Indifamily. Everyone in this office is cock-a-hoop and to know the opulent ladies of Indifamily, takes your eyes on a below content:

URVASHI DIXIT: She is a Singham lady of Indifamily. A self made lady with her own knowledge and skills who is inspired from her father.

NEHA OWSWAL: She is the voice of Indifamily. As her job says she is a sweet lady with lots of patience while handling all her human resources responsibilities.

NEHA PUROHIT: Our very own ‘Chota Packet Bada Dhamaka’ is a cheerful girl who just sticks to her chair while being a workaholic showing her dedication towards her work.

BHAVIKA JAIN: You’ll love her while pulling her cheeks out as she’s a stuffed teddy of Indifamily who is a socialholic.

SHAILESH SAINI: A chilled out babe who has an unique identity because of her playful nature and happy face all the time with unique hair cut and tattoos inked on her body.

RITU CHOUDHARY: She is a creative artist of the Indifamily who loves to read, write, sketch and paint taking inspirations from universe and lost in her own world.

PRACHI RAWAT: She is a girl with specs who is a keen learner always improving herself swiftly by working on her skills.

As the day went on, ladies of the day were invited for cake cutting. Not to mention boys over here but yeah they took all the attention by fighting over cake and having fun. Then at a sweet note, girls were given secret inspirational women’s day letters from their admirers and surprised with beautiful gifts for every lady, and the happy smiles took over the evening with little chit-chat, all thanks to Indifamily for such a sweet gesture.

Now you can imagine the power of women which is a subtle art of empowering herself with their own opulent skills.

PS: A note of thanks to all the men in the house who made the day full of smiles and laughter.


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