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EAR Facilitates us with Award of Excellence | Indibni

With so many companies jostling for space, it becomes a real challenge for startups to get noticed in the crowd and ‘Indibni’ one of its kinds got noticed and was certified for its excellence.

On occasions when Indibni gets rewarded with awards which motivate and inspires it to work more toward its goals to reach millions of hearts and celebrate the relationships. This time Indibni was called by the Employer’s Association of Rajasthan  and with immense pleasure, on behalf of Indibni, we would like to share our moment of happiness, being the youngest as an organization Indibni Pvt. Ltd. was rewarded Certificate Of Excellence in small scale industries by Honorable Minister of Industries, The State of Rajasthan – Shri Prasadi Lal Meena.

Always keep in mind that achievements should only be limited to things that go above and beyond ordinary expectations. There is no added merit attached to showing up on time, creating the unique content, working hard to reach the targets., these are all admirable but they involve nothing more than meeting basic expectations but what lasts longer is when you list awards, honours and accomplishments with a focus on truly exceptional achievements.

And yeah..! Indibni is still listing down its rewarded celebrations.



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