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Indibni – Ek Office Ghar Jaisa

“Every company has a philosophy around which it operates and evolves. At Indibni, we believe in वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम i.e., the whole world is one family. We are striving to create a workspace that feels like home, where people get a sense of individualism, and a collective purpose at the same time,” says Nitin Jain, Co-founder – Indibni

This is an awakening call 

As per the common intuition and law of averages, one can figure out that one-third of our life is spent at work. Well, you could say ‘tell me something I do not know,’ but did you know another one-third of it is spent either sleeping or trying to sleep. Well, you still got one third, right? Isn’t a lot of it is spent scrolling never-ending social media platforms? 

Think of life as you do in mathematics 

We can leave cursing mathematics and relatable memes for later but if you observe, your sleep time is almost a constant, survival and leisure time are a constant as well, what remains is where you work or what you do in life, right? That part is a variable and what you do with that variable, is actually your whole life. Whether you live a happy one or a regretting one, it all depends on that variable. And, that is all there in your hand. We are here to discuss that variable because in the end “work is life and life is work”. 

What is a dream job?

When people talk about their dream jobs they do not just mean the best compensation but their overall experience of life. It is about the company of people they enjoy, an environment that encourages personal growth, a place where they and their work is respected, where their time is valued, where they could contribute to something bigger than themselves. In short, a life with a purpose and passion. Something that makes you smile and encourages you to jump out of your bed with immense energy to crush your goal. That’s what a dream job looks like, where you are happy and where you can take care of your family’s happiness. 

People often think of job-hopping as the ‘end mean’ to earn enough money while your life slips away with the people you spend your time with. Your work peeps are your family too if you see life in retrospect. If you are not considering the above perspective while hopping, you might win on a bigger paycheck but you might lose on life and your happiness.

 At Indibni, we are striving to maintain and build on that DNA. A culture that you deserve. A workplace that makes you feel at home. An idea where you feel not just comfortable but extremely excited talking about your work and day spent at work with your mom, dad, and your siblings. Isn’t that a beautiful picture? I believe, it indeed is. 

If you think you belong here and nowhere else then explore or write to us at –

Indibni – Ek Office Ghar Jaisa


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