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Redefining Gifting As An Art, A Language, And A Gesture For Millennials – Indigifts

Indigifts by Indibni was recognized in the Top 10 Gifting Startups In India – 2020 by SwiftNLift magazine in December edition.

It is never just the gift alone that makes a moment special. After all, when it comes to gifting, it is all about making that fragile yet impeccable moment stay with the other person as if a memory kept safe in a matchbox. It is the intentions, love, and sacrifice behind that counts the most.

Moreover, the tradition of gifting, celebrating occasions is not so new to us. Gifting culture has always been profound in India and yet when we see it today, it seems like we have somewhere lost that subtle touch to it that made it so special. That which made possible manifesting intangible into tangible. That’s an art.

Today, millennials who are often looking for something expressive and unique are shaping the gifting trends around the world. Sustainability is another movement that is slowly becoming a lifestyle making it the perfect time in history to blend it with personalization in gifting. People are ready to invest in something that reflects their thoughts and personality, may it be through something recyclable or that could be upcycled.

Therefore gifts that are personalized, affordable, and innovative are the choice of the hour and masses. And this is what makes a gift more than what it seems to be at first: an experience, an emotion, and a beautiful bond.

For this thought leadership in the gifting industry that today resonates with millions of Indians, Indigifts by Indibni was recognized in the Top 10 Gifting Startups In India – 2020 by SwiftNLift magazine in December edition. A startup that had its first product brainstormed, designed, manufactured, packed, and delivered from the same basement has reached one million customers today.



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