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Here comes the time for the monthly activity. The activity this time cannot be more yummy or spicy than the Pani Puri Competition. We all went to a garden to fill our cravings. There was a pani puri stall in front of us and all our faces were filled with excitement. All of us were eagerly waiting for the competition to begin and to eat that appetizing pani puri. In a while everything was ready, we started with announcing names of the people participating, our players for the evening.

Round 1 begins –

The first round was to eat 5 pani puri in as little time as possible. We all were ready and aimed to eat it as quickly as possible. It all started as a fun competition but later turned into tough competition for the players. Amidst the cheering and hooting the competition was continuing. The record of time was been kept and to be ahead of everyone some people were putting 3 puchkas together in their mouth while others were gulping the pani puris one at a time. In the starting few minutes, the time taken to eat the pani puri was explanatory like 25 seconds, 23 seconds but just as the competition was moving further, it was getting harder. People were eating 5 puchkas in 15 sec, 14 sec and the winner of the round Mansi ate in 12 seconds. Shocking, isn’t it?


Then comes Round 2-

In the second round, the top 2 players from the first round were supposed to eat maximum extra spicy pani puri in 1 minute. Our top 2 players were- Mansi and Ramdev. The fight was neck to neck. We all were just looking at them filled with excitement and enthusiasm. Mansi stepped first, giving target to Ramdev. She was eating Pani Puri so quicky, we all were amazed to see that side of Mansi, the moment the puchka was on her plate it disappeared in seconds. Mansi did set a challenging target by eating 19 Pani Puri in just 1 minute. We all applauded her and were looking forward to how Ramdev will perform. Some were like it’s too difficult while others were like let’s see but nobody was sure as the target is given was no easy. Now it was Ramdev’s turn, everyone around started cheering and counting the numbers loud, 13,14,15 and the time’s over. With that, we declared our winner-Mansi and the runner up-Ramdev who did give a good fight. We honored our Indibni Pani Puri League(IPL) winner with badges and chocolates.

And after that, our Indibni family no longer needed pani puri wala to serve us pani puri as all of us attacked the stall, and started making our own pani puri and sev puri.  We all shared lots of laughter, happiness and of course the Pani Puri together.


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