Monthly meets are a great way to get a break from office stress, knowing fellow employees and creating a sense of belongingness between the team.

This January, we planned up for a meet and headed towards our destination- Jawahar Circle. Everybody gathered up at a place and were eager to know, what will be the activity for this month. This meet was planned up for a very interesting game- Dodge Ball.

The team got divided into two teams- Team A and team B. In this game, one team had to throw the ball and hit all the team members of another team, in the minimum time, whereas, the other team members had to save them from the hit and extend the time limit to win. There were two rounds, and the one with the lowest time on a total of both rounds will win.  The game started with the simplest manner, tossing up to know which team should hit first.

We were amazed to see acrobats and sliders in our team. The game was super fun to watch and more overplaying. Everyone was trying to stay on the ring and get maximum time for their team.

The rounds were played, and there was a very close competition in the first round. Though, the second round gave us a clear one-sided winner.

It was a fun activity that ended up with a lot of acrobatic photos and a lot of memories to be cherished.

We added one more memory to ‘Life at Indibni.’ ?
All up for the next monthly meet???? ?

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