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Seed Rakhi® – A brand that has been going uphill largely because of its bio-degradable quality that celebrates not only the purity of relations but also a cleaner and greener mother earth.

Recently, Seed Rakhi by Indibni Pvt. Ltd. receives India’s Best Product Design Project Award. Initiated by POOL Magazine in 2015, ‘India’s Best Design Award’ are the first to recognize design studios for their innovative and sustainable ideas. It is a matter of pride that an innovative Seed Rakhi concept has been recognized at a prestigious national platform. The journey was exciting and thrilling from the idea to the final impact.

Co-founder and CEO of Indibni said- “The award reflects the commitment of the entire family of Indibni to be a leader in the online space, and be the trend-setter. We at Indibni do understand the aspirations of the growing customers and each day we experiment with new strategies to meet customer satisfaction, delivery deadlines, and demand for original and quality products. This award is the reflection of our Design, Innovation, and Art.”

Working on the idea of creating products around bonds and Indian festivals, one thing that always obstructed their minds was the waste generated in Indian festivals, one of which being Raksha Bandhan. After the beautiful festival of love and bond – Raksha Bandhan gets over, the use of rakhi – the thread embedded with beautiful artifacts, stones, and glitters is of no use and is either being put in a useless box or are thrown away, leading to the non-degradable waste ending in polluting the environment. Every year 620 million rakhis’ are dumped in waste that never decomposes, generating 1.18 billion tonnes of carbon footprints. This ignited the minds of Ankit and Nitin and made them rethink the whole idea of the festival Raksha Bandhan.

It took 2 years of intense research and hard work for SeedRakhi to come into existence, the brainchild of Indibni Pvt. Ltd. SeedRakhi a thoughtful innovation, a rakhi that can be sown and grown into a plant.

To start with the process, firstly, Organic cotton was collected from the farmers which helped us in reviving organic cotton. Secondly, Women Self Help Groups were contacted which not only worked for us or we empowered them, it was the need for both of us, a call from mother nature. And, lastly, workshops were conducted in different schools and organizations of Jaipur to reach the young change-makers and leaders with over 5000+ students which made an impact over 25000+ students to bring a change by pledging to make India cleaner and greener. We feel proud to be able to contribute to their learning and in making them the leaders of tomorrow.

With this initiative, we aimed to bring together the entire nation.


We helped the little change-makers to pledge #sowaseed by sending organic seed rakhi to the real superheroes “The Soldiers” of our nation showing love and gratitude towards them for being the real protectors of our nation.

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And it was a happy ending with an impact of achieving the prime objective of Seed Rakhi to reward our mother earth with a beautiful bond that we are still enjoying. 50000+ seeds were sown across the globe which will grow into a beautiful plant. Today, with this initiative the countrymen switched to sustainable choices contributing to a sustainable future.


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