We Do Not Choose Our Family But We Can Always Choose Our Friends l Urvashi S Dixit

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‘सुनो पुरुष,’ a special edition 9 days Navratri series by Dainik Bhaskar talking about the role of a friend in a woman’s life featured Urvashi Saurabh Dixit along with her boss-cum-friends. Here is a snippet highlighting the moments the trio shared.  The cold midwinter of 2013 marked the darkest days of my life. These were [...]

Reminiscence: My 852 Unordinary Days At Indibni I Nithin Bharadwaj

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How does one even start penning down his feelings when the time comes to say the ‘final-goodbye’? But now when the time has finally arrived, I got to face it, own it like a fighter does, exactly the way I was taught at indibni. It was an overwhelming journey with Indibni. The irony [...]