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Reminiscence: My 852 Unordinary Days At Indibni I Nithin Bharadwaj

How does one even start penning down his feelings when the time comes to say the ‘final-goodbye’? But now when the time has finally arrived, I got to face it, own it like a fighter does, exactly the way I was taught at indibni. It was an overwhelming journey with Indibni. The irony is that I am falling short of words when I finally need to pen it all down. My experience at Indibni was very unique, once in a lifetime kind of experience. Indibni didn’t just teach me new things about my stream but also taught me values that would help me on my new journey ahead.

I still can very vividly recall how it all started? The first project I worked on was as a CG generalist. It was a stop motion video named “Are you the one?” The video portrayed an employee’s first day at Indibni. Anyone who happened to watch that video got to know how lively, joyous, and jovial Indibni and its people are. On a personal level, the video makes me appreciate how supportive people are at Indibni every single time I watch it. How elegantly they all bore the re-shoots and staging issues faced. I got to learn some good Hindi phrases from the people around- “Kese ho aap? Main acha hu!”

Then while handling all the marketing content responsibilities, I learned how the world of marketing worked. Both the founders, aka Brahma, the creator, and Vishnu, the executer trusted immensely on me with the responsibilities. In the beginning, it made me question whether I could carry on with the given responsibilities in the way they expected them to be. But together they made me realize how much potential I had in me that was yet to be explored and ignited.

As many times before, yes, I confess how better their judgment about me was as compared to my own. They encouraged me to experiment and made sure there was no shortage of any sort of resources I needed to work upon my projects. In fact, this gesture helped every single individual in the team, grow personally and professionally both. Their love is unbiased towards everyone. In the daily chores, they would sit down with you and have lunch together as a family does. The warmth at Indibni always made me feel at home.

During my tenure, there came a time and circumstances where I did lose hope and was extremely down. I still remember the day when I had to go to Delhi to represent Indigifts at Comic-con. I was damn nervous about what I would do at the event. The previous night, one of the founders came to me and mentored me with his poised suggestion and told me what to do at times like these. Thereafter, I started brainstorming about the strategy for Comic-con. Their wise words and guidance helped in making Comic-con possible for us.

During the times of lockdown, when everyone’s mental condition was affected, Indibni as a family came forward and carried out everyday meetings with all the staff together greeting and enjoying the same vibe we used to have during regular office days. These meetings helped keep everyone’s morale up. Also, the moral support they provided was the prime thing we all leaned on during such trying times. There would come a lot of situations like these where they would support one enormously and help them navigate, eventually bringing out the best in one, irrespective of the situation one is in.  

Few things I learned and experienced at Indibni.

  • One gets to explore oneself and figure out the true potential of what one is capable of achieving.
  • Indibni helps one realize the value and importance of relationships.
  • The best out of someone comes out when they are nurtured in the best environment. Indibni is the perfect analogy to this; nurturing an amazing environment.
  • At Indibni one is often encouraged to set their own challenges and give their best.
  • Working at Indibni is like working with one’s close friends on a project where one works having fun with the people around them.
  • One’s work at Indibni inspires them and others at the organization.
  • The regular weekend activities with the team always encouraged everyone to win and learn something new every time. I will always miss the quiz Akhil organized.
  • If one works at Indibni, they not only get amazing work experience. Photobombing or a video bombing, dancing, making stupid jokes, would be almost a daily thing at Indibni.  
  • The founders of the company would help one look into themselves and will also help set long-term goals for life.

The farewell given to me was so touching, it brought alive the whole journey at Indibni like a movie was being played backward. I am so thankful to God and how much everyone loved me at Indibni. The care they have is so pure and to date, it inspires me to become a better person. INDIBNI helped me grow more than I could have ever thought of. I have earned beautiful people and nurtured some amazing relationships at Indibni that would forever stay with me wherever I am in my life.



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