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We Do Not Choose Our Family But We Can Always Choose Our Friends l Urvashi S Dixit

‘सुनो पुरुष,’ a special edition 9 days Navratri series by Dainik Bhaskar talking about the role of a friend in a woman’s life featured Urvashi Saurabh Dixit along with her boss-cum-friends. Here is a snippet highlighting the moments the trio shared. 

The cold midwinter of 2013 marked the darkest days of my life. These were the pages I had never dreamt of writing. But still, it happened. And I had no control over my thoughts and actions. I was left blindfolded by the chaos swirling which was slowly creeping into my life. No one likes to be vulnerable but I had no other choice. I was neck-deep into a bad, bad ocean of depression. Who knew, it would be Nitin, and Ankit, my former bosses-cum-friends’ helping hands that would take me out of the evil spiral I was drowning into.

I first met Nitin and Ankit, in 2012, during a communication artists group meetup, whilst pursuing graphic designing from a polytechnic college in Jaipur. And fortunately, during one of the student’s interaction sessions, my lecturer mistress referred me to join as an intern with Indibni. I jumped on to the opportunity but as fate would have it I quit my role after some time due to certain unavoidable circumstances. And that’s when the depression seeped in. I had shut all kinds of contacts and interactions with anyone and everyone. And then the bell rang and it was Ankit and Nitin on the call. 

“These are those moments in life when you get to know who actually cares for you and who is just pretending to be, who is your friend and who is not.”

Together they made me realize that I should start focusing on my strengths and put them to use instead of the pro-longed sulking that I had got used to. These are those moments in life when you get to know who actually cares for you and who is just pretending to be, who is your friend and who is not. Under their guidance, I started playing on what I really enjoyed and that was people management and thereafter I rejoined Indibni as the production manager in 2016. I took care of vendor and relationship management and co-ordinated with the production unit. We took it from designing and manufacturing 500 indigenous products to 25000 products and from 50 units per day production to 10000 units production per day in the last four years. We won the best startup employer award of Rajasthan, India’s best design award, future of design award, and been the face of Amazon India nationwide campaign. All this made me realize the entrepreneurial side of me. 

Then there came another twist in the story and I messed up with the market analysis which cost the company in six digits. If it were for any other boss, I would have been sacked. But instead of taking such actions and our family-like bond, they advised me to put more time and effort into my analytical skills and so I did.   

Now, the good news is, I am soon to be a mom. Yay! And I am falling short of words when I realize how lucky I am and how lucky I have been during all these years whilst nurturing and earning some beautiful relationships with people who were complete strangers to me once. A few significant transitions from being a Production Manager to Chief Evangelist today and from being Miss Urvashi to Mrs. Dixit went so flawlessly that I didn’t even realize it happening. It has been one fulfilling journey with some amazing people by my side.  


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