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8 to ∞ | Thoughts on Indibni’s Anniversary

5.21 AM | March 20, 2020

सुप्रभात जनता!

Indeed Anniversary, Birthdays are once in a year affairs which are not only to celebrate, but also to retrospect the very foundations. So, I thought to pen down a note about what i’m feeling;

8 years !! 

औऱ मुझे तो अब भी ये कल की ही बात लगती है..

I clearly remember, it was July 2006 when I first met Ankit at the college. We did bachelors in Animation & Multimedia at the Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra (Jaipur Campus). We were and and we are indeed two completely opposite person. However, they say that opposite attracts and soon we realized that we are good as a team. BrahmaThe ideator met VishnuThe executor and the idea of indibni came to life.

अक्सर लोग मुझ से पूछते है, आखिर indibni है क्या? 

Is it a gifting company, a community or an office location ? Well for me Indibni is a vision, a commitment to work for the betterment of India, Innovation and Individuals.

I believe the world runs by three great powers, hence for us, Time is Shiva – The Transformer. Over the period we evolved and created verticals with specific purposes :

Smiley face Indigifts® is our exuberant gifting brand of timeless expressions with 25000+ Indigenous gifts.आसान भाषा में, हर रिश्ते और त्यौहार के लिए उपहार।

Smiley face Indifamily® is our CSR foundation for celebrating relations & supporting sustainability with the community. आसान भाषा में, समाज के प्रति हमारी जिम्मेदारी।


Smiley face Indibaat® is our content platform to encourage individuals to express their feelings via various media. आसान भाषा में, बात करेंगे तो बात बनेगी।


Indeed the 8 year journey of Indibni started from 5 to 50+team members, from 0 to 8 figures in revenue, it wasn’t easy at all. The journey started from one I, has now reached to millions of Individuals.

Many people ask me, what kept us moving? Well, I believe it’s curiosity

Always starting with why, doing new things, failing fast and hussel to open new doors; not only to create wealth but also value .

पिछले साल का हिसाब किताब, last year went exuberant. Launching new products and collections of Dostology, Folk Fusion & Seed Rakhi, Executing massive campaigns like Ek chitti- Maa ke naam, Suno Papa & Sow a Seed rakhi Yatra, which reached millions, Winning the prestigious, India’s Best Design Award, BW Future of Design Award, Rajasthan Brand leadership Award, Getting featured in leading news and media platforms, we all really did well.

We are now ready for the leapfrog opportunity of scaling 10 to 100x before we turn 10 in 2022.

सभी हितधारकों का हार्दिक धन्यवाद; from our team members to customers, vendors to partners and mentors, I express my gratitude to all. Together we made it so far, let’s hit it to the next mark!

Today we are launching our Annual Newsletter to share our story with the world.






PS: If you are a person who believes in value or relationship and family and if  you are looking for an environment where you can grow and learn, Indibni is the place for you! Click here to know more about openings. 


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